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Window 10 CompatibleBugee#@! is a little issue tracking program that i created for two reasons. First to test the functionality and usability of the Axolotl and second i needed an issue tracking program. Of course there is alot of issue tracking programms with superior abilities and functionality in the web , and some of them also for free. So why I created this program ? Well... because i wanted to! If you are seeking a small program to track bugs and other issues , for your small project then maybe Bugee#@! is for you! If you want to work with Bugee#@! you need to know several things. You need a http server with php scripting and MYSQL. Bugee#@! has a client executable only for Windows operating systems. The client can work in Windows XP but it's designed for windows 7 and windows 10 . Bugee#@! it's created for small projects and the client has some limitations when a large dataset is retrieved. In tests a dataset of 2000 issues had been retrieved with no apparent problems , but it's not advisable to manipulate so many records at once. You can use Bugee#@! for only you , to track bugs or new features for your programs , or you can publish the scripts , so the users of your programs can leave feedback .

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